The Backyard On Aberdeen

Appetizer Menu

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Brie and cranberry in phyllo pastry

Feta and cranberry pinwheels

Stuffed mushrooms

Chicken curry puff pastry bites

Apple curry puff pastry bites

Fig/goat cheese puff pastry bites

Prawn Crostini Avocado/Baguette

Eggplant Frittata

Bacon wrapped cream cheese jalapenos

Bacon wrapped chestnut and sauce

Kufta skewers

Pork or chicken skewers

Sfiha pastry with meat

Minimum order of 8

Hummus with Za'atar pita chips

Serves 4

Falafel Bites/with pastry

Serves 2

Labneh Herb with Za’atar pita

Serves 4

Parties of 10+ people:  choose from options above to create your appetizer menu, starting at $35 per person.